Hi, I'm Edward.

About me.

  • Fixing bugs happily, spamming frens with new product, ensuring we have cash, and shamelessly self-promoting 🚀 Grammable.ai.
  • Third Year Computer Science at University of Nottingham, China campus
  • Became a Pioneer, an accelerator funded by Stripe & Marc Andreessen. Raised some money, and stayed in SF for 3 months, was chosen as a finalist within 3 weeks.
  • Doing web/app development freelance for clients
    • Last one: ✨ Metabase, web3 stuff.
    • Past:
      • Independently built internal apps and web for 🍦AICE, Biggest Ice Cream corporate in Indonesia (🍨 Sponsors of Asian Games, FIFA World Cup 2022, etc) and Winner of Top Brand Award for three consecutive years with Flutter, Reactjs, Firebase.
      • and many others.
  • Learned closely from wonderful people at:
    • 🚚 Kargo -> Joining Sequoia-backed logistic startup as the Software Engineer, and worked under Royyan and Ganis. Won $2000 Excellerate Hackathon, Kargo's hiring hackathon event. Did 3 projects to automate business operations. Tech used across the internship: Nextjs, AppScript, Golang, Kafka
    • 🥦 Sayurbox -> Joined as a TechOps Intern (something like SRE), and moved to Software Engineering for the SPP (Sourcing, Purchasing, Planning), and worked under Jayant, Jason, and got some help studying Meta's coding interview with Gogo (rejected but the effort counts 🥰 ). Did back-end with Java Spring, learned a lot about Microservices.
    • Kotakode -> Joined my first internship during freshman as a Full Stack Developer and annoys Peter and Michael with newbie stuff (thanks :D). Stack: PERN Stack
    • 🦄 Pioneer -> Special thanks to Zack, Rodrigo and Anish for sharing me cool stuff!
  • Working with amazing peers organizing stuff at:
    • 🇮🇩 Garuda Hacks -> Bringing Silicon Valley tech environment to Indonesia, with multiple events such as Fellowship and Hackathons. Moderated a talk with CEO of Dekoruma (something like Indonesian Wayfair) about Finding the Right Co-Founder.
    • 🇺🇸 Pinnacle -> Building mobile apps with Flutter for the Olympics of Hackathon, Pinnacle.us.org.
  • Been covered by Press from:
  • Reading Delivering Happiness, The Effective Engineer, Inspired, GPT-3 (Sandra Kublik & Shubham Saboo).
2022 Q3 Milestone
npm install grammable-pmf
Build with me.